vegitation, the act of vegitating
vegitation can be accomplished simply by doing nothing, it is a state of oneness with root vegitables. When vegitaing one can feel the good vibes from this planet of love.
" Stop vegitating infront of that computer!" " please don't interupt me while i'm vegitating!"
by rizo April 6, 2004
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A flavor of microwaveable ramen noodle soup from Asia that was a mistranslation of vegetable.
That vegital soup I bought at the gas station taste like ass!
by asdfjkl;dan May 16, 2010
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The way of life followed by the laziest of people.
if the jews get all theirs holidays off, i shouldn't have to work everyday. im a strict follower of vegitism.
by Snips November 28, 2003
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1.To sit about rather uselessly, as though in a comatose state.
2.To do nothing.

Usually induced by drugs, though known to be triggered by other mediums, such as television or video games.
Johnny had his wisdom teeth out, and now he's vegitating with some ice cream and a few pretty decent pain medications.
by Goofy McCoy January 30, 2008
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One who is completly and utterly unable to move, talk, feel or think. This person or persons apperas to be in a perpetual stage of sleep. When one is catatonic.
from the film "clerks": Veronica: Men will sleep with anything that says "yes".
Dante: Animal, mineral or vegitable.
Veronic: Vegitable meaning parapaligic.
Dante: Yeah they put the least resistance.
by The Dark Lord of Bass October 11, 2005
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TO be as if brain dead adn passed out while smoking Dank or Very good weed,
Dude, prepare to vegitate!!!!!
by Dank Man, lord of the bong April 10, 2003
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vaginal vegitation refers to hair around the vaginal opening.

having box hair.... non-brazilian.... no landing strip
Her vaginal vegitation was so thick it looks like she had buckwheat in a crotch lock.
by Krazy1ox February 24, 2011
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