to grow organically from a fixed position, with growth stimulated by chronic consumption
After hitting numerous bowls, Max is mossing hard in the LA cafeteria.
by Mossman_99 March 2, 2009
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a small, hungry person wrapped in a leather jacket with resemblence to the matrix. walks like a gangster, loved by all...but mostly by mnica and kirsten
u ate that so quickly, u been taking lessons from mossin?

take that jacket off, u look like a mossin
by kirsten monica December 25, 2003
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To be chilling, doing nothing, just like moss, the commonly known fungus that just chills out on rocks.

Origin is believed to be Pickering, Ontario, Canada, a city that is part of the Greater Toronto Area.
Aldo: What it do, player?

Brianna: You know, just mossin'.
by Aldo Perri January 28, 2008
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Smoking mass quantities of weed, usually with friends, while at the same time not doing anything particularly interesting - or chillin'.
Hope: wuttup brah i got a half ounce of weed from some kid who wanted me to do his homework.

Jordan: lets get to mossin' then beeeyotch!!!
by JSLOBtheCHEF January 16, 2009
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