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to make a terrific catch in football,usually jumping/leaping is involved, as if randy moss was the reciever
"Yo son, i just mossed you"
future tense: yo son, im gon moss you, check out dis catch ima bout to make"
by LZA February 25, 2005
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when someone catches an object over another person usually when they both attempt to catch it
Shut up yall both tried to catch it u got mossed.
by the wise master December 12, 2010
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When a wide receiver leaps up and reaches over the body of the defender to catch the ball during a footb
All game... The equivalent of getting posterized in basketball... Named forHall of Fame receiver Randy Moss
Richard Sherman, YOU... JUST... GOT... MOSSED!
by Definitely Someone August 05, 2018
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To excel at something which makes your opposition look inferior. Possibly makes them cry, too.

Originates from Patriots WR Randy Moss, who, even when triple covered, can Moss people, and come up with a score.
The pass was a little too high, but 81 Mossed him, big time. 22 cried a little on the inside, and admitted that he had, indeed, been mossed.
by Magnitude August 10, 2008
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