(1)Mesquite - a type of wood or tree that is generally used to smoke meat in a barbeque.

(2)A city west of Dallas, Texas, home of the Rodeo.

1---- "This Mesquite grilled chicken is amazing!"

2---- "The Rodeo season is kickin off in Mesquite again this year."
by kungfuyo March 02, 2009
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A city in the Dfw that is filled with dirty thots and . males that fuck anything that walks & wannabe hood niggas who flex with their moms rent money , if you live in mesquite you probably have 3sums all the time ..... niggas in mesquite have nothing better to do than fuck a female with his friends & then post it .
Oh your from mesquite ? you must be a bustdown
by llahdirtyho March 07, 2019
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A ghetto ass town either filled with old people or the most ghetto people ever. Never come to mesquite for a good time it'd filled with no good hoodrats.
Oh, you live in mesquite? But you're a teen?
by Anon person from mesquite March 16, 2016
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A woman that sucks a mans money or life away. It can be used to also describe stripper, hooker or a slut. It can be a derogatory term to women
Women are mesquiters. They suck all your money away and once they done they fly on to da next nigga
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(n) 1) Texmex Slang for marijuana
2) Type of wood, traditionally used for barbeques
(3) the male organ
1) "Yo, man light that mesquite up!"
"this mesquite is tha shit yo"

2) "Grab some mesquite for this grill"

3) "hey girl hows about you sux on my mesquite"
by The Original Hot Rod August 13, 2005
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(Miss-skeet) Verb; When a man misses his target.
1: I just got mesquite all over the headboard.

2: He mesquited and now he's running late.
by little John May 18, 2013
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Them lil flying bugs that give you Zika and poison ivy
"These mesquite hoes got me all itchy doin the macarena"

"Damn gurl r dem boobies or mesquite hoe bites?"
by DaMarcus DaJones DaThurd September 27, 2016
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