Breasts which are conical in shape, resembling the tips of a torpedo or bazooka shell. The shape most often naturally grown by transsexuals on hormone replacement therapy.
Scuzzy man A: "Hey check out that hot chick!"
Scuzzy man B: "That used to be a dude, see those bazoomers?"
Scuzzy man A: "I know. I wanna stick it in."
by Elsy Number 2 September 3, 2012
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One who is in the age range of a zoomer, but acts like a boomer.
Friend A: “Abbie is in high school, but she doesn’t even know what Airpods are.”

Friend B:”What a bazoomer!”
by ethanolbox November 22, 2019
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Gigantic boobs like double implants on jenna jameson!
Jesus fuckin christ dude check out her bazooms!
by J.D. March 27, 2004
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When you're the oldest either physically or mentally, in a group of zoomers

A combo of zoomer and boomer.
Say hi to Jack, he's the bazoomer if the group at 27.
by Chef Noteblock May 10, 2020
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