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A shortened term for a Smirnoff, which in this case usually refers to the Smirnoff Ice, or another flavor such as green apple, which are malt beers.
Man 1: "Dude, I'm buzzin from that noff I just downed."
Man 2: "Are you serious? Those things are weak, man."
by 0theoriginalanon0 August 03, 2010
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slang for "smirnoff ice". Use this term when you are in a public place or near adults who wouldn't think kindly of you tryna get Smirnoff Ice.
Underage Individual: Yo dude, you tryna get me some noffs?
Bogs: Yeah bro, my man is visiting his grandparents in East Jesus, he'll be right up to buy us some. It's only like 14 hours.
Underage Individual: Woordddd.
by Booo Radley July 18, 2008
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