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The wet sound made by sucking or swallowing.
Man, I hung out with that girl jordan and that wosh was top notch.
by Ucfjordan December 10, 2016
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Wosh is the greatest nickname ever created no question. It has no actually meaning and is derived from nothing. Created by imaginative mastermind Bass it is played around that Wosh has a secret story that created the nickname when there actually is not one. That is why its so brilliant. Long live Wosh!
Hey what are you doing tonight?

Nothing...lets call Wosh he never does anything.

Nice Wosh
by wosh1040 July 29, 2009
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1. Carwash 2.0: waterless. eco-friendly. onsite. ondemand.
2. To wash your car without water so you don't have water spots, swirls, or scratches.
Joel: My car is so dirty a hitchhiker gave me a thumbs down.
Jay: Sounds like you need to get a WOSH.
by WOSH April 24, 2015
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