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a sweet, humble, and good little irish bean in brighton. jack is always trying to be his best, while inspiring others to do the same. PMA!
"Dude do you know Jacksepticeye?"
"yes of course, you fish."
by trashnerd42 April 15, 2018
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A very loud irish youtuber. He is also the BOSS of BOSSNESS! Having over one million subscribers on youtube, he keeps a close connection to his fans. Did I mention he is BOSSSS?
by TinyToni October 25, 2014
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Jacksepticeye is a amazing youtuber from ireland and he has over 4 million subscribers. Jack has helped a lot of people during rough times, he is very loud, he calls himself THE BOSS or BOSSOTRONIAN, Jack tries to communicate with everyone of his veiwers, And he loves his fanbase and will not stop any time soon, (^-^) he is hilarious too.
"if you dont watch jacksepticeye i kill you (im joking btw) he is awesome
by HTETYD May 09, 2015
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Probably the most energetic YouTuber on YouTube.
He plays a lot of new games, happy wheels and takes the time to thank everyone.
He is Irish and has over a 7.000.000 followers on YouTube.
He is also one of the nicest people i have ever met.
He is a total boss, to be exact; the boss of bossy bossnessess that bossness can boss.
Top 'o the mornin to ya laddies, my name's Jacksepticeye and welcome (back) to (insert game title)
by WezelDeStenheid December 27, 2015
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Jack ( a.k.a. Sean) McLoughlin is an Irish gamer who posts to YouTube. He is very loud and has a tendency to cuss. He recently hit 1.5 million subscribes. He refers to himself as "The Boss". He got his start in September of 2013, when the top YouTuber PewDiePie ( a.k.a. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) gave him a shoutout in a competition. He became famous from playing Happy Wheels and Skate 3, as he still plays Happy Wheels if you'd like to watch it but dropped Skate 3 as he ran out of stuff to do. He currently doesn't have a name for his fans and addresses each person individually and not as one.
"Hey, you watch JackSepticEye?!"

"Yes! He is boss!
by paperwade November 16, 2014
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Jacksepticeye may be the most BOSS person out there. He is an irish youtuber, filled with happiness and BOSSNESS from his viewers. Reaching over 5 million subscribers, jacksepticeye is very in touch with his community. Did I mention how boss he is?
Do you know 'jacksepticeye'? He's the irish youtuber that's friends with Mark
by NuttyMilkshakePrincess June 25, 2015
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A very loud, amazing Youtube Gamer from Ireland. Friends with many other gaming youtubers, including Pewdiepie! He is a BOSS! He swears a lot, and makes lots of jokes, which are just a few things that make him funny. With over 5 million subscribers! Jack is catching up, Pewds!
JackSepticEye is a BOSS!
by FayeTho July 07, 2015
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