A company that makes personalised greeting cards that has a really annoying song on the advert.
"Moooooon pig!
Moooooooon pig!
Moon pig dot com!"
by x_ally March 02, 2008
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A woman so hideously ugly that the very sight of this creature brings forth a massive and overwhelming sense of revulsion and physical nausea.

Imagine what a pig that lived on the moon would look like.
Apply this model to your intended munter.

NB: Moonpigs are generally clinically obese, and may often be found munching on anything that comes too near and looks like food. Puppies are at extreme risk.
1) That Sonia from Eastenders is such a Moonpig!

2) LOOK AT HER!! What a Moonpig!
by dan258 January 12, 2005
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An ugly female, usually over wieght that frequents the bars, that is picked up by desperate men usually in the hours between 1am and 2am. Also known as the bar fly.
Jimmy not being able to find a suitable woman, went after the moon pig before last call.
by thewalkingdictionary January 07, 2010
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A huge fat slutty ugly girl. Their big fat round face is so fat there eyes look like craters on the moon! :D

moon pigs drink heavily, wear tiny size zero slutty outfits like a whore and are so mad they believe they are so hot they could marry brad pitt, easily offended they often turn violent when called a Moon Pig :D
beavis: hey look its a moon pig!

butthead: hur hur Moooooooooon PiiiiiiG

moon pig: come here and say that ill whoop your skinny ass! (throws bottle at your head)

beavis: Mooooooon PiiiiG :D
by moon pigs July 30, 2009
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probably the single best thought out advertising campaign in history

moonpig! moonpig! moonpig.com!

fucking poetry
moonpig makes me cut myself and throw my blood at the television
by Tomomomomomomom March 13, 2008
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A usually frighteningly ugly white woman who decides to have sexual relations with the first black man that comes around even be it a hobo. Aptly named since,

A. Usually not reconized as a synonym for jungle fever
B. She lives on the moon in a metaphorical way because that black man is just trying to get back for 150 years of slavery not start a family.
Mike: See that moon pig right there!
Me: Damn straight that dude is going to get her prego and leave. I'd hate to see that baby it's going to be ugly as shit.
by P. Kaltenbach January 06, 2008
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