When a non-black person is atracted sexually to black people. Originally it was used for when a white woman dates black men, but now it could refer to a white man who thinks black women are hot and wants to date them.

A Stevie Wonder song about black man/white woman love.
"She's gon black guy crazy
He's gone white girl hazy
They got jungle fever"--Stevie Wonder.
by Gramatikon October 2, 2005
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A guy or girl that is attracted to a black girl/guy. It can be either a physical attraction, or more than that. Applies to hookups and relationships.
My best friend Jessica has that jungle fever, she just can't get enough of that chocolate dick.

A: I want to be single now, and stay away from guys. I swear!
*black guy walks by*
A: I take it back !
B: Damn you got that jungle fever baddd
by damnnngirl November 10, 2011
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a white girl/guy likes someone of the black nature.
sarah jessica has the fever....jungle fever
by ijerksolow June 21, 2010
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The beautiful romantic attraction of a white individual to a black individual.
I can't help it,I'm head over heels in love with Jamel;I think I got jungle fever!
by rice n peaz March 11, 2006
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A terrible syndrome that has afflicted many caucasian women. They have some type of unfinished business with their fathers which makes them crave the black man's meat stick. This typically results in the eventual death of the subject. Size really does matter to these overweight, stringy haired sugar mamas. They generally work in Human Resource type jobs.
"Oh my God, Ellen has jungle fever. Did you see her walking bow-legged when that Tyrone guy brought her back from lunch?"
by Running out of patience February 13, 2008
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Jungle Fever doesn't only exsist with Caucasians, people of other races use this term as well... when they see one of their own dating a black person.
Rob: yo did you see that sexy Latina over there? lets hit her up

David: fuck that aye, she got jungle fever... saw her with some black man the other day
by hookin4chronic May 10, 2005
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Though historically the term implied the sexual attraction of a Caucasian to an African, it has since been more widely used to denote the sexual attraction of an individual from a more expansive set of ethnic origins (e.g., Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, Latino, or even Aboriginal, etc.) to a person of African (Black) ethnicity. The term has even shifted enough colloquially to commonly include an African who is attracted to a non-African, or merely the attraction of a person from one ethnicity or racial background to a person with a diversely different racial background. It is interesting to note that in several western ideologies it is the Black Africans who are associated with the Jungle; although all people's ancestors originated from the Jungle, possibly because of popular images that stem from associations with classic African slavery in the United States, it has become a common presupposition that the Jungle belongs to Black Africans. This has been exploited negatively and positively by both Black Africans and those who are not Black Africans. What may be even more significant to observe is the phenomenal implication of such an 'urbanly' popular term: it is becoming increasingly common in this age of homogenizing Globalization for some people to be attracted to that which is different, or exotic: This either conscious choice/ or subconscious instinct could result in the mutation or evolution of the Homo sapiens species. (Good or bad depending on the reader's ideology).

Crescent: "Hey, so is Mike taking you to the Valentine's extravaganza?"

Abigail: "No, (bastard). He's taking Shamiqua."

Crescent: "Ope--! junGLE... FEEEEVVVVAAAA....!"


A-Hoff: "Dude, that biznizeyach ain't even sexy in the slightest. Why you let her tickle your booty?"

Bo-Bo Nuts: "I just don't know, bull-balls. I just don't know. It's like she has a spell on me. When ever I'm around her I just feel like time stops."

A-Hoff: "Hoo hoo, hoo.... JuGLE FEEEEVVVVAAAA!!!"
by Che Boludo March 6, 2010
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