American clothing size designed for the food dodging elements of western society. Is the size a normal 8-10 year old would wear. Partly a creation of vanity sizing where clothing sizes are adjusted to fit the vast majority of fat asses that make up the population.
Posh Spice has the body of an under fed 9 year old she is a dress size zero
by dr_esteban September 16, 2006
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skinny models that designer Victoria Beckham specifically banned from walking in her Spring 2011 catwalk presentation because she wants to be the only skinny bitch in the world.
Victoria sitting in the audition room, one skinny mode walks in, she whispers "omg who's that size zero bitch? is she skinnier than me?" then she yells "you're out skinny BITCH!"
by Rony911 September 18, 2010
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Officially defined as a measure of clothing size. Size Zero measurements are as follows:

Bust: 32"
Waist: 24"
Low Hip*: 35.5"

* Defined as 9" below the waist

Primarily aimed at fashion concious parents of 8 - 10 year olds, who'd like their daughters to grow up fast and be "perfect".

The Size Zero fad has caught on with celebrities, Posh Spice being the most favoured example. When reported in the Tabloids the Size Zero fad is typically considered with distaste.

Unfortunately, impressionable teenagers - primarily females - are being caught up in the Size Zero fad, trying to follow after their heroine's footsteps.

Most respectable dieticians are known to believe that being a Size Zero is unhealthy, will shorten a persons life span and has been linked to osteoporosis.

You will find that while some men prefer Size Zero women, most do not; frequently referring to them as "far too skinny". Men like curves girls, know it.
Examples of Size Zero celebrities:

Posh Spice
Lindsay Lohan
by Tortured_Soul February 13, 2007
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a size a skinny as bitch wears
shaquisha: DAMN! loook at that skinny ass bitch with her size double zero pants!
by latasha ferosh April 23, 2008
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The lowest/smallest size in clothes (mostly pants). Girls that are 00's are very, very, very, very, very, very skinny. No meat whatsoevar. Just because they are 00 doesn't mean they,re anorexic, I have friends that are 00's. You can be a 00 naturally, but a bulimic more than likely isn't. (I'm not saying they aren't.) 00 pants are very small and the shirt equilvalant is an extra- small.
Size 34*: OMG look at that girl over there she is soooo skinny.

Me: That's my bestfriend, she's really nice.
Size 34: Is she like a Size 00 (double zero)?
Me: Yes.
Me: No, she's actually very healthy so back off troll!!!

*Not in waist inches the actual size 34.
NOTE: This not a real story but my bestfriend is like a size 0,00, or 1. I'm not saying all size 34's act or say stuff like this I'm just generalizing.
by KoreanNameIsYoonHwa April 4, 2012
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