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Motorboat-able boobies.
1. Hey bro, this stripper I dated had the most awesome moobies!
2. As a kid, I used to motorboat my mom's moobies.
by theharami19 May 25, 2018
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Abnormally large male breasts. Created by combining the words 'man' and 'boobies'.

Also known as man titties or man boobies.
"Dude, go get a bra to hold them moobies in."
by hoochiecoochies June 29, 2005
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Conj. Man+boobies. Fat boys have moobies. Aka bitch titties.
Whoa, check out the moobies on that fat guy at the pool. He looks like Meatlof from Fight Club.
by Torklugnutz June 03, 2004
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