Moobies are male boobies. Men with flabby pecs
Hey look that man has bigger moobies than me
by Kreena September 24, 2007
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he has moobies down to his ankles
by greenfreakyfrog July 29, 2008
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Fat abnormal tity growth on a man
My moobies bring all the boys to the yard damn rite there better than yours.
by Geeked101 October 9, 2009
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Motorboat-able boobies.
1. Hey bro, this stripper I dated had the most awesome moobies!
2. As a kid, I used to motorboat my mom's moobies.
by theharami19 April 11, 2018
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Abnormally large male breasts. Created by combining the words 'man' and 'boobies'.

Also known as man titties or man boobies.
"Dude, go get a bra to hold them moobies in."
by hoochiecoochies June 29, 2005
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