boobies belonging to a man, generally in the possession of super pea
CAUTION: the sight of man boobies can often cause vomit.
by prancing charlie April 28, 2005
Large mounds of flesh that develop on the chests of obese men where pecs should be. These often overlap fat rolls, have distored cylindrical, round, or lumpy shapes, and are sometimes hairy.
My college roommate Neekita Desai has a thing for fat men with man boobies!
by Nikki Tyler December 11, 2003
Boobies that larger men gain, usually after not playing football in high school anymore. Can be large.
My roommate Jason has the largest man boobies I've ever seen. He's probably wear a 42 C Cup bra.
by Montana December 6, 2002
when a man lets his body go and his tits are bigger than a womans.
Wow, that whale of a man has HUGE man boobies!
by ishkabob October 28, 2007
Rather like girls boobies but more saggy. Man boobies are excess fat found on a males chest. They are funny, some men should wear bras. perky coconuts island bushmurry coconuts song
Bodee has BIGGG man boobies
by Courtney is cool May 30, 2004
a dude with tits bigger than half the bitches in the whole damn town
by Lil Skimp Dawg December 7, 2003
Large Fat filled flaps of skin on the chests of star trek, lord of the rings, starwars, etc. watching virgins.
Daniel Copenhaver has the bigest sweatiest lactating man boobies that I HAVE EVER SEEN!
by Cracker1134 October 13, 2003