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milk (cows are the most common source of milk)
Don't forget to finish your moo juice.
by Light Joker April 03, 2005
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usually milk but can be attributed to other white milky substances. popularized by the simpsons t.v. series.
gimmie a glass of moo-juice
by I HATE YOU May 16, 2003
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One who 0wns noobs. He has many enemies, all of which hate him for being so skilled. Someone who is known as "Moo Juice" is said to enjoy cluster bombing and wingclipping.

Often, a Moo Juice will be used to 0wn + noobs in large scale wars. it is often said that + never see it coming.
omgs that Moo Juice is so l33t, + is fux0red.
by Brendan March 28, 2005
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