A type of hentai involving breastmilk squirting from a female's breasts.
Bob: DAMN, I love moo-moo hentai girls. They're so hot!
by oxy September 19, 2006
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A trip to a shop to ‘mooch’ around, usually just looking at stuff and on the occasional trip picking up a small item. The shops are usually British shops such as Poundland. A moo moo sharoo has no specific purpose other than too full your time.
Person 1 - “Hey would you like to go for a moo moo sharoo?”
Person 2 - “Of course I’ve got nothing else to do, let’s go to Poundland.”
by Daisy Penguin February 16, 2021
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used to curse people causing them bad luck. If said among a group of people the curse will choose at random of who to curse.
Person 1: “Hey moo moo
Person 2 :“my mom just got killed
by Ur_dad April 27, 2020
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A very fat woman, can be used as an insult directed toward a guy, could imply that said guy likes "Moo Moo Cows"
Alex: you Moo Moo Cow!!!!
Carter: I only nudged into you, Jesus effing Christ!
by scottbiker May 15, 2009
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he is caring and lovable and the best stuffed animal you could every have. typically is seen wearing a tiny hoodie and always hugging a child or teenage girl in need. get yourself a mr. moo moo they are the the greatest thing ever.
bro go fetch me mr. moo moo I need him
by Kahlia K. December 09, 2018
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