Noun. The act of stroking your penis at a downward motion while bent over, mimicking the action of milking a cow, ejaculate simulating the milk.
Heather wanted to try some new sex positions saturday night. I stood over her face and preceded to give her the moo moo buckaroo. She was ecstatic!
by VaJohnny October 06, 2018
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Its like puzzle glue..but for your heart ! It works at anytime of the day, anywhere. This glue is soo strong you'll only need a witto witto drop each time.

Oh and it smells delicious.
I got moo moo glue for your </3 !
by bbyraccoon December 04, 2010
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A word common in the UK and USA used to describe a girl who thinks they are above or more attractive than everyone else and acts as if that is the only thought going through their head. Sometimes used to describe kitten-like girls that seek out the warm crevices in life, often just to relax and sleep.
Person1: Pointing at Jasmine Omg girlfriend look at Jasmine!! Shes suuuuch a Queeny Moo-moo!!
Person2: Omg! So true! What a Queeny Moo-moo!!
by dtothec01 April 27, 2010
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It's a cat, but with cow like markings!

Moo Moo Foo Foo= Cow pussy
How's my little Moo Moo Foo Foo today?
by Matty12345uk June 22, 2017
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juice which is produced from oranges. is sometimes distributed with different chemicals.
"Gimmee sommoore moo-moo!!!"
by Rachel Landers May 12, 2006
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