Something very cool.
A cool way of saying corny
A word you use after a roast
Your mama is so fat she thought the yellow school bus was a Twinkie, SHAM-A-LAMA-MOO-MOO!!!!
by ANONYMOUS NO.2 May 30, 2017
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A person who is a bully and talks about people because their insecure about their Giant Ass Blublery Selves.
Meanie Butt moo moo cow: Your a fag

Person who is fag :Well your a Meany Butt Moo Moo Cow

Meanie butt moo moo cow: NOOOOO!!! *starts to cry*
by TattertotPandah March 28, 2010
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Someone who has hurt your feelings and you are want to get back at their fatt ass
fatt ass: your ugly
You: look at yourself meany butt moo moo cow
by x3 Amannnda May 09, 2006
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Muff Muff is used when you have a crush on someone and you don't want them to know because they have a girlfriend who happens to be one of your friends, so you need a disguise name for them and "way moo moo" is used when they are looking or acting really sexy.
"Hey did you here that Muff Muff was coming tonight? You'll probably think he is way moo moo" "Muff Muff way moo moo, bessst freeiiinn"
by GuavaLady March 08, 2009
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An imaginary minority fraternity of homeboys who "have no Beef" and "Milk It, Milk It, Milk It". Made popular by Hits on The Streets on B.E.T.

"Don't get it twisted. Get your Milk on Fool!"
Moo PSI Moo! ... "Moo FOOL Moo!!!"
by PacMan28 February 19, 2019
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