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strong weed high in thc//the opposite of a reggie
"damn i need me some gorilla glue but my gas say he only got reggie "
by rel.da.gas April 20, 2018
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A popular strain of marijuana. Effects usually included face and other body parts going numb.
Johnny: Bro whats going on with Billy's face?
Rick: Yea Billy was smoking on that Gorilla Glue. Shit makes your face go numb.
by abcAdder May 10, 2018
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Cum from a black man.
I walked in on Jim's girlfriend getting Tyrone's gorilla glue all over her face.
by greenday sucks May 25, 2016
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Gorilla Glue is the "putty" created in the process of "Penis Fly Trapping". After you finish once and keep stroking it, the consistency of the jizz becomes like Gorilla Glue, making it hard to keep stroking and finish a second time.
It was a lonely Friday night, and I was sitting there stroking my hog watching Telenovelas. Out of boredom I wanted to keep going and try to accomplish a Penis Fly Trap, but the jizz got tacky and it was like jerking off with Gorilla Glue.
by PhunSyze July 26, 2017
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