To rupture (destroy) someone's anus with your massive bear-cock.
"Dude, what's Hagrid doing?"
"He's rupturing Harry's anus with his massive bear-cock."
"Yeah, rupture, destroy ."
by Dudeyoucantsitwithus January 3, 2017
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"I gave your mom's anal cunt a proper decent rupture last night"
"Proper job, did you fist her aswell?"
by jmhcunt March 10, 2014
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Otherwise known as the Blake Siegel injury, it is an injury in which the magnitude of the hurt can not be measured, and the location of the injury can not be pinpointed. When asked "Where's the Ginsberg" one must reply with "The Ginsberg is everywhere, yet nowhere - similar to the Dickens"
"Hey Jim! What happened to you?!"
"Oh, Adam, I have a Ruptured Ginsberg."
"What's a Ginsberg Jim?"
"Adam, what's not a Ginsberg?"
by Shabazz Mike Wazowski August 26, 2013
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To get very angry, angry enough to have a hernia or have a vital organ explode inside your body.
Dude, I had to bust a goat in the Starbucks toilet just before the cleaning guy came in. When he came back out he looked like he was gonna have a fucking rupture.
by Findlaybob December 4, 2009
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You know that moment when you are going up a ramp on your bicycle, and then when you fall back down your asshole gets penetrated by the bicycle seat? Yeah that's how you get a ruptured anus.
I was doing some tricks on my bike earlier until I got a ruptured anus. I had to be rushed to the hospital because it began to bleed too.
by TheRiceTheif January 1, 2017
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The award given to soldiers returning home from combat during WWII.

A Lame band from North New Jersey
When the older Vets saw what the lame band was doing with their Ruptured Duck they through them off the stage.
by bill April 24, 2005
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a rectum(anus) that has been penitrated causing seepige of body fluids (mostly blood) through the anus
by Sam December 8, 2004
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