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The act of just relaxing and chilling out, sometimes (though not necessarily) whilst or after having partaken in the smoking of Cannabis.

Monging usually takes place around the house however could occur in any comfortable exterior location of choice, e.g. sauna, field, hottub, etc.

Origin presumed to be from mong as in the act that such a person performs.
I'm gonna go mong for a bit.

He's just been monging about all day.

She just mongs all day, never does any work.

by CS84 June 11, 2007
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Three people, two guys, one dead female. One guy has sex with the dead body till he cums cum orgasm once he has cummed, he climbs a ladder and the other guy puts his mouth so it is covering her vagina vagina cunnilingus eating out the first guy then jumps on the corpse's stomach causing the cum to go into the second guys' mouth.
Those guys are sick, they monged that girl who died in the train wreck!
by Ned March 23, 2004
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To reach a state of boredom beyond belief whereby any attempt to entertain yourself usually ends up in depression/ a further state of monged.

There are no known cures for this state of mind, however can be lessened by certain internet based stimulae.

Stages of monged.
1: slightly bored usually resulting in seeing friends who feel the same
2: first night in alone on youtube
3: chronic addiction to social networking sites

4: where sleeping is the most creative thing you can think of doing
5: looking at the knife sitting on your desk and wondering
6: No recorded reports of people coming back from stage six
Person 1: Man i havent done ANYTHING in the past 2 months

Person 2: What have you been upto?

Person 1: reached stage 5 of Monging, think my lifes over!
by uber monger November 17, 2009
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(verb) the act of hanging out in a group at someone's house and taking large quantities of MDMA.
dude... you guys were monging on my lounge last night.
by superm0nkey May 06, 2007
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Usually 2 people who favour the dead...
who go out and find a dead pregnant woman... one of them jumps on the stomach of the women, whilst the other waits and eats "what comes out".....

Although this doesnt need to be done with a pregnant women
o look bondage matthew and skeener are monging that woman
by sweet May 28, 2004
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