Mong - a person who is very clueless and has no idea what is going on. Lots of mongs have too much bum hair. When playing among us seb will sit in the corner looking like a dumb emo mong and have no idea what’s going on.
seb is the king mong the mong of all mongs!!!
by noah_oxf February 28, 2023
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A way to tell somebody, "SUCK MY DICK"
(you must make a popping noise with your mouth while saying it)
by sk8foeva26 November 8, 2010
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Monged - the result of several hours of steady smoking, characterised by inability to move from the sofa.
I was monged out last night after that weed
by cup December 12, 2003
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British Army terminology for putting in a bad performance / being defeatist / not putting in the effort.
Recruit: I can't go on...

Corporal: Stop monging it and get a move on!
by JBF July 5, 2005
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1. (Mong)- Slang for spastic, but used against a person who says or does something completely idiotic by accident or without realisation. This makes every witness simultaneously raise their hands to their shoulders and shake 'em while sticking their tongue in their lower lip and making 'urrgh' noises.

2. (Monged)- A vegetive state of mind/being usually effective after consuming large quantities of alcohol, weed, lsd, ecstacy etc or combinations of.
1. Steve you mong, you've just poured the kettle onto ya cornflakes.

2. Steve's well monged after we spiked his drink with acid, muhahahaha.
by Safecracker G October 15, 2004
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Mong is short for 'mongoloid', which was originally an anachronistic term for a Down's Syndrome sufferer. The modern Mong however is a total fuckwit, who deserves nothing less than complete humiliation for their idiocy. That includes all those dope smokers too, who relate being 'monged' to being chilled and mellow. Its because when you're stoned you act like a fucking retard, you fucking spazzes!
"You spilt yer pint all over my strides, you FUCKING MONG! I'LL KICK YER FUCKING CUNT IN!"
by Savage Henry August 12, 2004
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