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The act in which the fellow, performing intercourse with his gal doggy-style, pulls out right before orgasm, spits on her back or neck to trick her into thinking he ejaculated on her, then shoots his load into her eye when she turns her head.
"I had to wash my eye out," Mabel said, "after Ned hit me with the old fish eye trick. It's a good thing our supervisor didn't catch us."
by Ned March 26, 2003
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a show about a boy, cory matthews, growing up in the suburbs of philly with a best friend, shawn hunter, who lives in a trailer and is gorgeous cory also has a life long girlfriend named topanga lawerence and lives next store to his teacher mr. feeny, cory also has a brother eric who is cuter then shawn and stupid....all in all boy meets world is awesome and i wish i were a part of the cast
boy meets world defines me
by ned November 14, 2004
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A particularly fearsome brand of dildo, the Rambone is 18 inches long with the width of a newborn's neck. Due to its enormous size, it has handles at the end, as it is operated much like a jackhammer. Not for amateurs.
Ned and Mabel had hoped that the Rambone would bring a little pizzazz into their love life; now they just hope that her pelvic bones will fuse back together properly.
by Ned December 24, 2003
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Area of East London- more famous for it's classic football team, known as 'THe Hammers' and 'The Irons', as there was once the Thames Ironworks there. The badge shews a castle with crossed hammers across it. Also a popular tatoo!
Once unarguably had one of the finest hooligan crews in Great Britain, the Inter City Firm. Originally a skinhead/bootboy outfit, they are now mostly casual, and have dropped off a bit. Championed by punk Oi! bands such as The Business, Cock Sparrer and THe Cockney Rejects. Have had many fine players down the years, most notably Bobby Moore. Go visit the home ground at Upton Park (Bolyen Ground).
by Ned September 20, 2003
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Three people, two guys, one dead female. One guy has sex with the dead body till he cums cum orgasm once he has cummed, he climbs a ladder and the other guy puts his mouth so it is covering her vagina vagina cunnilingus eating out the first guy then jumps on the corpse's stomach causing the cum to go into the second guys' mouth.
Those guys are sick, they monged that girl who died in the train wreck!
by Ned March 23, 2004
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man titties boobs
That fat ass beside the swimming pool has big mitties.
by Ned December 07, 2003
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The act of applying a sexual partner's menstrual blood to her face to resemble a moustache. A finger is the usual applicator; however, a penis may be used as well.

The term can refer to the resulting moustache, as well as the act.
Once a month, Ned makes Mabel wear a bloody sanchez to complement the luxuriant handlebar he sports.
by Ned November 17, 2004
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