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Somebody that is obscenely wealthy
Those closest to her felt she had all the profoundness of a kiddy pool. It was clear she didn't love old moneybags, what was less clear was whether they had even consummated their marriage.
by StephenHar April 25, 2008
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Moneybags is when something is really, really cool.

"That chick was moneybags."
"Can you believe I won $500 bucks on the slots? MONEYBAGS!"
"That '79 Charger is moneybags."

It works on sooo many levels.
by T$Millionaire May 30, 2008
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a sort of apron with open and zip pockets that british market traders wear around thier waist to keep the money in

they are normally very hard to get, but nowerdays a bit more available thanks to the internet
where do you get that money bag from that you wear around your waist
by Tabatha-Dawn December 11, 2011
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After intercourse, if using a contraceptive designed for a guy, such as a condom, remove from member, grasp the lip of the condom with hand, and slap girl across her face, with the semen filled reservoir tip as if slapping a moneybag across the face.
Jimmy "moneybagged" Sarah last night, after she refused to cooperate with him.
by PatrickForrest November 05, 2005
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A man know for his legendary genitals. A moneybag must have a minimum penis size of 12 inches (flaccid) and a penis head the size of his own fist when erect. Although not a necessary trait, a moneybags is often known to ejaculate twenty dollar bills. A moneybags may only be called so by others when they deem him worthy of such a grand title.
I can't show you a picture of my penis because it will change your life forever. Nothing will ever live up to it.
Damn dude! You must be moneybags!
by semperfudgehd July 25, 2011
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a young person in junior high that wants to feel important
dude moneybags was tryin to but in line
by gurgyshawn September 16, 2003
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