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Explaining something you know is untrue to a child in a condescending voice.
Ever since I realized my face wouldn't freeze in a funny look, I've been able to ignore her momsplaining.
by Don Quixote55 January 25, 2017
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When your mother tries to explain ANYTHING to you even though you know deep down that YOU are correct.
Ugh, my mom was totally momsplaining how to do everything while she would be gone.
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by Agt13 November 20, 2016
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When you didn't ask for her opinion but she gives it anyway and it's rude af. Or just acting like I'm dumb in general.
Me- *walks out of the house feeling fly af*
Mom- "You know, that dress is a little t---"
Me- SHUT UP I DIDN'T ASK YOU. Rude...stop Momsplaining

EX. 2:
Me- "Hey Mom, the light bulb is out in my lamp upstairs."
Mom- "Did you try changing it ?"

Me- *sarcastically* "No I didn't, I'm just a blithering fucking ninny and I didn't think of that at all! YES, MOM, I TRIED CHANGING IT FIRST. IT'S STILL NOT WORKING." smh
by angiepants94 November 07, 2016
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When a woman thinks she knows what’s best for you and insists or strongly encourages you to change your mind to her way of thinking
Momsplaining getting ready for work: That tie doesn’t suit you, take it off and wear this one instead, it brings out your eyes.
by Bhob June 16, 2018
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Momsplaining is when a mother explains her spouse (in most cases but also to others as grandparents) how to take care of their baby in trivial things as how to hold it/feed it/change a diaper etc.
It resembels mansplaining in the intonation momsplaining is done.
Could you stop momsplaining me? I know how to feed a baby

Enough with this momsplaining! I know my child as good as you do
by Student mom September 02, 2018
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