When one forgets. A forgetful person.
Charles: "Yo wat up Bobby? Wacha doin?"
Bob: "U know, gettin' da auto-mobile washed on a beauutiful day, brotha."
Charles: "Cool cool..."
Charles: "Yo wat up Bobby? Wacha doin?"
Bob: "Nigga, I jus told you. U havin a momento moment?"
by J4 February 25, 2004
a sugar high from eating too many mentos

a sugar high
"I love Mentos candy. I always want more, because they are mine! Momentos!"
by auburnMOJO March 27, 2010
A portuguese "Bruh Moment" same use.
Um "Bruh Moment" português.
A: We have to sing the song and nobody knows the lyrics
B: Momento Bacalhau bro

A: Quando tens de cantar uma música e não sabes a letra
B: Momento Bacalhau
by FlavioMendes November 12, 2021
A massive bruh moment but in spanish. Mario Royale's inside joke.
by Gunsei April 3, 2020
HP: I fucked my best friends sister
HG: Momento Pana
by Zargon.EXE August 6, 2020
Cuando sucede una conversación en el chat de anuncios.
Rogelio: Vengan al Talk and Drinks!
Iván: Uhhhh chismeeeee
Kyeo: Momento Iván
by Fr4n November 10, 2021
Zeta Momento is a phrase used to refer to the taking of questionable administrative decisions.
Wait they banned the guy just for swearing? Such a Zeta Momento!
by BlackDragonV June 6, 2022