'Bruh moment' is a blanket term for all situations that merit a reaction, whether that be shock, awe, or any other strongly felt emotion. In these such situations one must exclaim 'Bruh!', typically in a low tone of voice. Typically only men will exclaim using the word 'bruh', however, the S.O.B. (Society of Bruh) is a progressive union full of verified gamer bros and care not whether man nor woman exclaims with the word 'bruh'.
A bruh moment can include these situations:

Man 1: "Karen took the kids again! I don't think I'll ever see them again!"
Man 2: "Bruh!"
by bruh sound effect #3 March 1, 2019
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The pure awestruck experienced by a ridiculously silly action that usually sparks a gasp, or a "Bruh", hence the name.
"Billie just had a bruh moment as his friend Josh proceeds to do a backflip, then eat his own ass."
by Dankcommand March 24, 2019
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One of those moments that just makes you say bruh
Kid 1- Hey look at this *picture of monkey with glasses*
Kid 2- bruh thats such a bruh moment
by GameSniper101 November 20, 2018
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A bruh moment is when something is so shocking and unexpected, the victim can only respond with “Bruh”. A bruh moment is also measured by its “Bruh Velocity” or “BV” which also means “Bad Vibes”. For example, the pizza rolls not being ready demonstrates low signs of BV. Karen taking the kids, however, shows much more bruh velocity.
Man 1: *Is diagnosed with cancer* Bruh...
Man 2: Wow, that bruh moment looked like it had a ton of Bruh Velocity
by PP Man December 2, 2019
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Doc: turns out ye boi Jay Jizzles has cancer

Friend: that’s terrible!

6th grader out of NO where: that’s a Bruh Moment
by 🅱️ig 🅱️oi July 26, 2019
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the words "Bruh Moment" can be used at any time, from funerels to brirthdays and even traumatic events!
Anthony : I'm dying of cancer
Juan : NoW ThAT's A bRuH mOmEnT
by un momento de bruh January 18, 2020
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A moment that makes you go "Bruh"
Jim: "I dropped my freaking bagel this morning"
Tyrone: "That's a Bruh Moment my neighba"
by JesseSlaughterAKADamien April 4, 2019
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