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(Commonly pronounced "moded": to be embarrassed after losing a passionate debate or proven mistaken regarding factual subject matter, particularly if the mistaken person argued their point vehemently.
Dont tell me I'm stupid! L.A. isn't the capital of CaliforniaI just googled it and it's Sacramento like I said. You got molded!
by Southwest7 November 15, 2018

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A text message received so long after the conversation was started you don't know what the fuck the sender is talking about anymore. Often sent by a "Joner", a person who chronically and often purposefully reads messages, replies to them in their head but takes like 4,5 days to send that shit.
"Why you text me 'nothing wbu' 5 days after I text "wyd". Always sending Jonigrams.
by Southwest7 April 26, 2020

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