This word is most appropriately used when someone is proven wrong in an embarassing manner. It is not simply a matter of making a mistake, or being embarassed, but is most properly used when someone has vehemently defended a position and been proven wrong.

It is also most appropriately used during a battle of insults when someone offers a better retort to someone's innitial attack.
Scenario 1:

Person 1 - Asians suck at football. There has never been a good asian football player
Person 2 - What about Jr. Seau!?
Person 1 - Jr. Seau is polynesian, not asian, you dumbass
Third Party - Ohh! You got moded!

Scenario 2:

Person 1 - You're too ugly to get any girls you fat ass!
Person 2 - That's why I fucked your girlfriend last night!
Third Party - Ohhhh! You got MODED!

by Casey Wells January 8, 2006
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A word used to put someone in their place after they've been proved wrong.
1st guy:"Look at that tight Lexus rolling down the street"
2nd guy:"You're stupid! That's a BMW"
3rd guy to 1st guy:"Ohh you just got moded!!!"
by Ally June 24, 2004
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Derived from the term "demoted." Used to add insult to injury when someone has been proven wrong in a public manner or to bring much more public attention from an otherwise oblivious crowd to another person’s erroneous assumption or verbal gaff. Basically, another way of saying “Dude, you’ve been demoted.” Often used for either the purposes of ego deflation of a "modee" or self-aggrandizement of the “moder.”

(1980s California version): “Ooooooh, moded!”
by charmaine w March 26, 2008
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A word used when you get proved wrong. Also when somebody takes a bad photo of you when you're not looking.
Ew I look hella moded in that picture!
by Tiffany! October 16, 2005
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Having high expectations and ending up with disappointingly low results. A dissatisfying outcome after some serious bragging.
You walk into your bosses office thinking you're about to be promoted for a job, and then find out you're actually being demoted, which leaves you walking away feeling oh so moded.
by Paulo Murillo June 21, 2006
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A moment in time where you look incredibly out of place. You can also BE moded, LOOK moded, say MODED things, and um... use moded to fill in any adjective, and it will actually make sense.
Patrick: Hah. You are all moded for calling each other moded.
Matthew: Wtf.
by Patiqua Sharifa Asagna June 17, 2007
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when you get put in your place. you do something wrong or embarassing and someone notices.
someone telling you you suck...and then someone else replying "moded"
by sbz*holla May 2, 2003
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