An economically depressed village in Upstate New York, home to bankrupt war veterans and scumbags that smoke in the park. Highly regarded for it's homegrown sluts and fine dairy farms, Mohawk boasts a wide variety of heifers, pizza shops, and blowjob gnomes. Most people that are born there, are doomed to live there forever, seeking employment at Remington Arms or McDonald's. It's now failing school system once boasted a splendid football team, which is now degraded into an embarrassment. All visitors should be warned that spending any extended time in Mohawk will result in part of your soul dying, and the likely contraction of herpes.
"Hey man, I met this girl online. Want to go meet her with me? She lives in Mohawk."

"Hell no, I'd rather be a retarded blind gay paraplegic living in Lebanon."

"Ah, fair enough."
by getmeoutofmohawk15 January 24, 2010
A small town located in Upstate New York. Where there is nothing to do but drink mass amounts of cheap beer such as keystone light and genny on your local back road or in a field. A fine place where without fail at least 20 kids will be hungover for work everyday of the week.
:Hey what are you doing tonight
:I dont know, mohawks so boring,what are going to do?
:Well the day ends in Y, so lets buy a 30 pack and drink it at the play ground.
by Nicole "C-NoTe" July 26, 2006 have a mohawk run across your genital area very in a back in forth motion, the person doing the mohawking will almost look like he or she is headbanging violently. It can be a very intense experience so try at your own risk. (Getting mohawked can have some side effects,for instance you may grow your own mohawk or fohawk)

2. An amazing experience you will never forget

3.can be used as a threat as well if needed! (This form of the word is a very negative side which can result in harm)
1. Joel: you fittin to get mohawked?

Girl: oh heck yes! It's amazing!!

2. Mack: I got mohawked and two days later I had my very own mohawk!

3. Me: you better shut up Piss-biscuit!!

Joel: oh yeah?? You better shut up or you'll get mohawked!
by mohawker1 March 1, 2011
Tall strip of grass left behind when you don't mow tight to the previous row.
Doug: Wow Tom! Your yard looks terrible! Look at all the lawn mohawks you have. Were you drunk or something?
Tom: I know. It's awful. I had my kid mow the lawn, but at least he finished. I'll trim those mohawks next time I mow!
by Trova April 29, 2015
When a large, sweaty, naked native american stands above you spreading their ass as you sit on the the ground "indian" style while they clench their ass cheeks on your head and stand up slowly, leaving a smelly, greasy, crusty mohawk behind.
I partied out in the desert and woke up with a Mojave Mohawk.
by reverend spazm October 6, 2012
1.A hairstyle whereas sides are shaved off leaving hair in the middle to be spiked.
2.A hairstyle which some pussy wanna-be gangsters cut an inch of their short hair and said they had a very shitty Mohawk, known to those with proper Mohawks as Fohawk.
1. Jon- "Damn, check out his ten inch Mohawk, that's some sick ass shit!"
2. Jon- "Check out that little wanna-be pussy with his fucking half inch Mohawk!"
Josh- "I know, what a little fucking Fohawk.
by (it's a secret) September 5, 2009
A hairstyle where you have all your hair except for a strip down the middle (where a traditional mohawk would be)
Chet pass out with his shoes on again. Get a razor, we're giving him a reverse mohawk.
by AUPatches March 4, 2011