A haircut where the sides of the head are shaved leaving a strip down the middle. A favorite to punks, this hair cut stands for anti-fascism.
Dude his fuckin mohawk is awsome
by PunkinDrublic November 15, 2004
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*Additional to earlier definition* Sorry, I misinformed you people, it was Plasmatics lead guitarist Richie Stotts who was one of the first to introduce the mohawk as punk rock chic, not Wes Beech. I've read references to bihawks and trihawks... another variant on the style is the Trojan... longer at the front, tapering off gradually to the back.
Richie Stotts, along with Discharge bassist Rainy, were two of the first punk rockers to introduce the mohawk hairstyle to that particular genre.
by Chris Wheelie July 21, 2006
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1. much-discussed hairstyle
2. a tribe of indians
3. A basic 180-degree turn in figure skating or ice dancing. A mohawk will turn your face and body but not your direction of travel, so before the turn you are skating forward, and after it you are skating backward. Mohawks can be performed on the inside or outside edges of the skating blades, and with an open or a closed foot position. In television-broadcasted competitions, a mohawk is usually seen in ice dancing, although they are sometimes used for the performance of certain jumps. In that instance, a mohawk replaces a 3-turn as the last step before the skater jumps into the air. The difference with a 3-turn is that a 3-turn turns on 1 foot, where as the mohawk changes feet during the turn.
She has textbook-perfect technique on her double salchow jump, but somehow she can only do it from a mohawk entrance, not from a 3-turn!
by Sessyliz November 25, 2008
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a hairstyle created originally by ancient aboriginal, native american, and african tribes, including the (Native American) Iroquois Nation, The Sudanese, and a few other Native American and African tribes.

This hairstyle today in urban culture is used mostly by music inspired subcultures, and has been brought to the public eye at large by such celebrities as Mr. T, Robert Deniro (In the movie; "Taxi Driver"), P. Diddy, Grace Jones, Music Video Director Bryan Barber, World Cup soccer star Clint Mathis and others.

The mohawks used by ancient tribes ranged from a simple strip of hair from the forehead to the nape of the neck, with the rest of the head shaved, to a tiny thin strip, from the forehead to the middle of the back of the head, with the rest shaved.

Modern incarnations of the mohawk used by subcultures are typically shaped into spikes or a "fan" shape, and held together with Knox gelatin, glue, or "freeze gel".
by calvinchaos June 19, 2006
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A small town located in Upstate New York. Where there is nothing to do but drink mass amounts of cheap beer such as keystone light and genny on your local back road or in a field. A fine place where without fail at least 20 kids will be hungover for work everyday of the week.
:Hey what are you doing tonight
:I dont know, mohawks so boring,what are going to do?
:Well the day ends in Y, so lets buy a 30 pack and drink it at the play ground.
by Nicole "C-NoTe" July 25, 2006
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An economically depressed village in Upstate New York, home to bankrupt war veterans and scumbags that smoke in the park. Highly regarded for it's homegrown sluts and fine dairy farms, Mohawk boasts a wide variety of heifers, pizza shops, and blowjob gnomes. Most people that are born there, are doomed to live there forever, seeking employment at Remington Arms or McDonald's. It's now failing school system once boasted a splendid football team, which is now degraded into an embarrassment. All visitors should be warned that spending any extended time in Mohawk will result in part of your soul dying, and the likely contraction of herpes.
"Hey man, I met this girl online. Want to go meet her with me? She lives in Mohawk."

"Hell no, I'd rather be a retarded blind gay paraplegic living in Lebanon."

"Ah, fair enough."
by getmeoutofmohawk15 January 23, 2010
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When a woman shaves her legs only to find the next day that she missed a strip of hair somewhere on the back of them.
Damn this cheap razor. Now my leg has a mohawk.
by Sylvia April 22, 2005
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