Remington is an indefinable infinitely loving being. Collected & enigmatic yet free spirited. Can be crazy at times, but that's just how he expresses what he's passionate about.
Yooo! It's Remington
by MasterFlaxseed February 12, 2019
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A manufacturer of firearms that has excelled in making guns of the highest quality.
Wow, I just got a Remington 700 rifle for my birthday.
by Andrew Kastning July 8, 2005
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Remington is a carefree spirit with gigolo instincts. a lover of all beings and master of his domain. one who receives countless "gun, television show, razor and type-writer references" but lacks an angry response because he's better than that. in fact, Remington is quite witty and usually plays along.
i dont care what anybody says, i like Remington! i wish there were more people like Remington!
by Slymee August 13, 2010
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a member of society who appears hardened by war, but once you get him to crack a joke he is an open and gentle guy. Typically likes working with his hands and loves being there to make other people happy and feel special. May have moments of insanity, but those are few and far between. Loves being there for anyone and everyone he can be.
"Remington will watch the kids while we finish the grocery shopping"
by SCSBDancerG February 3, 2010
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An amazing girl who truly loves for the people she cares about. Even though she doesn't think she's pretty she's the prettiest girl you'll ever meet. She's weird and nerdy but she's AMAZING she is very athletic and artistic.
Wow Remington you can really play ball.
by Nikeballer June 21, 2017
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The cutest athletic guy in the school. He usually has on hoodies and his smile is adorable. he always makes everything better by his stupid but funny jokes. He is even more of a better partner. I have a massive crush on him. but he’s always with that blond girl.
I really like Remington
by Lily Annie February 7, 2021
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