A set amount of money to be paid to have someone murdered. Each pack represents 1 thousand dollars.
Tekashi 69: "I got a 30 pack on him right now blood. 30 pack. Swear to God I got a 30 pack".
by A Jar Of Eyeballs With Gravy December 22, 2018
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Cheap beer that comes in a pack of 30. Brands associated with the 30 pack are, Miller Highlife, Busch and Busch Lite, Keystone and Old Style. Often referred to as dirty thirty, rack and 30-rack.
Hey dude, I just picked up a 30 pack, wanna go ice fishing?
by alxx December 13, 2007
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A person who has 30 lines on his/her abs and is swole as fuck
Andre has a fuckin 30 pack dude, he can easily kick your ass
by Dubiks December 21, 2018
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A nickname used for a fag who thinks he can handle more alchohal than he actually can. Mostly used for a guy named Jack.
"Jack you wanna split a 30 pack?"
"is that gonna be enough?"
by Nick Lyons October 20, 2007
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dude 1: "happy new year"
dude 2: "30 pack a stones!"
example 2.
"what u drinking tonight"
"30 pack a stones! What u drinking?"
by R.J. 21 January 3, 2009
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