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A word used in a Homestar Runner flash that has replaced the word "Deleted" in message boards. Means the same as "Deleted", although often used jokingly, or when a Moderation is imminent, or has already happened.
User A: You Suck
by Iguana September 12, 2003

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me: Yo nig we be meetin up at starbizzle!
you: aight, ima be there in fitty
me: word
by iguana October 28, 2003

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Used in message boards when a offensive message has been taken down by the message board's administration. Often used as "Mod" or "Moded" for slang. (Mod can also be used as a noun for a Moderator)
I have 10 moderations on that account.
by Iguana September 12, 2003

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Legend Of the Red Dragon

A multi-player game predating todays MMORPGs or home internet connections, played on dial-up Bulletin Board Syrtems (BBS) in which usres would fight various monsters, buy equipment, and even get married and have children, all on a quest to slay the red dragon.
Who's your character in L.O.R.D.?
by Iguana February 02, 2004

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