I just played Disrupt and I felt like a real hacker.
by NeoSamurai January 26, 2014
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Buzzword used by Silicon Valley gurus, often in conjunction with innovation, as in 'disruptive innovation'. It's supposed to sound cool and radical - like revolution - but it's also terribly empty, so technies and entrepreneurs using the term constantly have to explain why the digital world is so disruptive, compared to like the Industrial Revolution. Which is where it all falls flat.
"We are creating a 3D World, where Data and Digital combine to Disrupt current business models. Only when that happens, you actually see Disruption at work."
by Monticello-W February 17, 2017
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a disrupting disturbance
disrupting + disturbance = disruptance
While, I don't condone anyone doing anything to get themselves banned, I understand how angry people can be, over all of this. Until SOE (as a whole) does something to prevent Yuyoy's continued disruptance of a server, then there are going to continue to be angry, paying customers dealing with this jerk, the only way they can.
by animia November 7, 2007
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A guild full of noobs on Tichondrius, who use DKP
Windtotem, Sabik, Saber
by Vince February 8, 2005
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1. A frightening new historical era that began in 2008 with the crash of world economies and the simultaneous collapse of trust in governing institutions. 2. A wrenching shift in human society resulting from 50 years of unsustainable development, over-population, environmental degredation, economic injustice and rapid resource depletion. 3. The growing realization that sophisticated "financial engineering" cannot solve the growing list of real-world problems.
The Great Disruption could be the biggest challenge in human history since the collapse of the Roman Empire in 466 A.D.
by Peter Kobs March 9, 2009
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When someone "cock blocks" or in some way hinders the mating between two or more engaged parties.
"Dude my girlfriend and I were fucking and in walks my brother letting me know my 18 year old female neighbor was downstairs... with the results from her pregnancy test. Talk about a mating disruption..."
by Batmanact January 5, 2009
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Eruption Disruption

Eruption Disruption occurs when Volcanic ash interferes with air travel.

Air travel is either canceled or halted in fear of planes crashing because of Volcanic ash.
My fucking flight was just canceled because of of Eruption Disruption!

How the hell am I going to get home Now!
by Len Dog April 16, 2010
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