The word that is said to a person after an argument, whether it be a serious one or a petty one, when the person turns out to be wrong. Also, it is used when the person who is wrong tries to change the subject because the original subject has been proven wrong.
Elizabeth: "Yeah, well your sister treats you like crap because she didn't even apologize when you called her and asked her to."
Jonathan: "What are you talking about? She already apologized to me two weeks ago regarding the incident you are referring to."
Elizabeth: "Well, then why can't you just be forgiving, why do you have to hold a grudge against people?"
Jonathan: "Man, stop trying to change the subject, you just got moded."
by JonathanL November 27, 2007
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Secondary meaning: To be pranked in medieval times-timing the rising of the bridge as the peasants arrive so as they fall into the water circling the castle.
"As the peasant arrived to the castle the King's men moded him by quickly raised the draw bridge, thus causing a hilarious fall into the water below."
by Da dDa MD dD March 13, 2017
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To "demote" or call out someone's embarrassment.

Used by kids in LA since the mid 70s. Clearly was picked up in the Bay Area later on.
by Lethal Guardian October 28, 2020
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