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A party in the United States to vote for when both the Republican and Democrats have Elitist Puppet candidates that thrive to the same exact politices. Usually never wins a presidential election, only once in the 1800s. In the 1990s, one several Gubernational Govenor elections when a few Independent Party candidates won title as govenor. Also, the Libertarians that are considered a Third Party are the only Third Party to win an Electoral Vote when one female candidate recieved enough votes to take one of the Electoral Vote. Third Parties include the Libertarians, Constitutionals (usually just referred to as Constitution), Socialists Party USA (recieved only 6,000 votes in all elections put together), Green, Independent, American Socialists Party (different than Socialists Party USA), etc. But still, they have less chances of winning a presidential election than Justin Bieber hitting puberty.
Michael: Aw, man, Shit Romney has won the GOP Nomination, Obama and Romney are both fascists puppets. Shit Romney is just a Republican version of Obama, they both will turn the USA into a Fascist Police State.

Some Random Dude: Then just vote Third Party.

Michael: Ok.

*Final Results for Elections*

Republicans: 278 Electoral Votes

Democrats: 268 Electoral Votes

Third Party (All combined) : -5 Electoral Votes

Michael: -_-
by TrollingandPolitics1234 April 20, 2012
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A political party that has less of a chance of winning an election than Medlin getting laid
"Go ahead vote a third party canidate, and throw your vote a way"
by Stan, Ricky, Cody, and Alex April 03, 2003
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