Something you say when you're creeping on someone, and want to freak them out; Something one says to such a creep.
*Mark Zuckerberg likes your picture from 10 months ago*
Mark Zuckerberg: lurk moar

One night stand: awh, that status about you having poison ivy all over your crotch was so sad!

You: Lurk moar, dude! That was seven months ago!!
by iPwntUrMum October 21, 2010
An internet phrase originating from "Obsidian", a Guitar Hero chart by Exilelord, in a section called "Message to blue" where all the notes in the section, when turned 90 degrees will spell out "HIT MOAR NOTES".

This is commonly used as a bullshit response when someone asks how to do something on internet forums.
Person 1: How do I unlock the bonus area?
by the_fucking_legend. October 28, 2020
The result of inserting facebook into the internet hat machine. The end result is something resembling /b/ but with less deprivation and moar uncorrupted lulz.
On the first day, /b/ was created.
On the second day, a lolcat wished for moar internets.
On the third day, a group made the decision that we need moar internets.
What either hackers, or skilled players, tell n00bs who complain that the hacker or more skilled player hacks, uses cheap guns, camps, glitches, lags, chams, bots, flies, or spends too much money on premium items, and then instead of fighting with the rest of their team, sits around and spams chat about how n00b the enemy team is doing, when they in fact are the ones being the n00b.
ADpr0: lol just pwned u noobs
promastR1337: omfg you such a haxor gtfo
ADpr0: lol pro less qq and moar pew pew ya nub i dont hax
by Chalez November 12, 2010
Moar is a person who is 100% masculine and 100% feminine, thus twice the energy of a normal person. This does not mean non-binary, nor does it mean any aspect of the masculine or feminine has to be sacrificed or suppressed. It means masculine and feminine are both fully embraced and maximized. A moar is a fully actualized person, who has developed and accepted their complete nature as having essentially the full spectrum of human experience, emotion, and behaviour. Anyone who is not a moar is operating at half capacity and is fully or partially blind to their complete nature.
I'm a moar, I'm hairy as a gorilla, I play violent video games and watch crude porn, and I crochet baby blankets for the neighbourhood flora. If you can't handle that, stay in your lane.
by Bullrag May 20, 2021