n Something deemed unfair or unexpectedly unfavorable. Could be used to accuse someone of using cheating/hacking/some sort of trickery to accomplish something, usually jokingly.
Ceren: too bad you didnt defend the rear of your base
Guardel has been eliminated.
Guardel: that is such hax.

TriviaBot: Who is the mana element?
Guardel: driad
Guardel: dryda
Ceren: dryad
TriviaBot: Ceren has the correct answer -- Dryad!
Guardel: dryad
Guardel: hax!
by LordKefka March 23, 2004
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A term to describe hacking mostly used in online games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Smash Bros: Melee (although it can be used in a variety of games). Frequently misused and aimed at good players.
"dude that guy is totally using hax"
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by cptKitteh December 15, 2015
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HAX! is a known saying by Dr.Hax from the Gmod Idiot Box series from Youtube.com. He usually says this when he sees someone hacking during any part of the episode. After he says "HAAAAXXX!!!," an old 1998 computer monitor slams into the person that he called hax on.
person 1: "Oh yeah! Cheat codes enabled!!!"
person 2: "HAX!"
by Shadic Rexx February 16, 2010
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someone breaking the rules, using programs to alter the skills of a player in a video game, such as counter strike.
Stealthbomber: Dude! so wall hax!
by Panzer February 28, 2005
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the cheating in computer games
also referred to as a h4x0r (haxor)
"your such a h4x0r! Leave before the admin bans you"
by cpupwnt January 16, 2005
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A word yelled before someone gets hit by a computer.
Guy: *laughing after owning someone in Counter Strike*
Other guy: HAX! *computer flies and hits guy*
by PrinceKelso September 23, 2010
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