A term to define a girl that uses FGA pics to discribe how she is cute.
Ugly girl is pouty in her myspace pic saying she is cute and can pout, when in actuality she is just hungry because she ran out of ham. She needs Moar hamz.
by Cheffy67 April 23, 2007
Someone who is moar musically talented or whose musicianship is superior to those artists YOU appreciate. Generally employed by insecure cultural wannabes for the sake of their own personal gratification. Actual creative talent or the ability to connect with an audience have no weight in such opinions.
Yes is a band composed of MOAR virtuosos.
by B. Cassidy August 20, 2010
Like "more cowbell", but twice as good, due to the 'moar'.
(More cowbell has often been used in reference to the situation with Will Ferrel, but in all actually, it's just another way to say "awesome".)
You have just shot some poor n00b's head off in a game that you know you probably play far too much, and someone on your team says "moar cowbell!", likely in all caps, with multiple explanation points, to declare your nerdy awesomeness.
by L0stKn1gHt January 23, 2009
Used especially for online gaming, it is said to people whining which actually encourages them to whine more. It is used in a sarcastic and negative tone.
Gamer 1: Omg, you guys, they ganked me. Where were you?
Gamer 2: QQ Moar. We called mia.
Gamer 1: Q_Q
by El Joemo March 23, 2009
In response to whining, ask the recipient to whine even more (in online games).
Noob: omg we wiped all night on morogrim
Me: qq moar, it's an easy fight if you l2p
Noob: QQ
by itsthemechanic July 11, 2008
A demand of moar tears. Or an extreme demand.

When a person is trolled and shows it, the troll demands that the baited cries extremely hard, a lot harder than before as to signify that they've been beat.

When an op posts about his horrible family life on a 4chan board and seems very apathetic and depressed, suicidal and states that his dad raped him when he was a kid.

This is when an anon chimes in ever so lovely on a 4chan board. Perfect timing for the Baww moar.
Honest fag here. It's not that your dad raped you because you were sexy and desirable, it's because your mom wasn't giving out the old cooch and he needed a tight hole. Baww it to the max! Take it to the limit! Baww moar!!
by tsunbot June 12, 2011
when it just won't get to orbit
reject optimisation, embrace MOAR BOOSTERS
by ?mypseudonym? March 4, 2021