Chams normally come part of game Direct3D or OpenGL hacks.
Chams are like wallhacks but with an added bonus. Eg: When the opposition players are in front of walls or obejects, they would appear red. When they're behind it, they're green.
Player: WTF HAX! He shot me through the wall! CHAMS!!!!
by {EH}Wesker June 19, 2006
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1. A celebration of flavors served in a flute, wine glass or that old mason jar that happens to be the last glass clean. The perfect ending and the perfect beginning to any day.

2. A hangover free reason why girls are dancing on ping pong tables to a playlist that goes from Matisyahu to Jason Aldean then to 2pac.

3. Pink perfection that can be as classy or as cheap as you so desire.
"What have those two ladies been drinking that has made them so happy and fun to be around?"
"I do believe it is a Cham Cham"
by lea-tard August 22, 2011
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To misrepresent something in a way that lets someone down (e.g. giving someone the wrong location to meet up, or getting them excited about something that does not exist).
I just got chamed so hard by the Lime app - it tried to take me to scooters inside an abandoned strip club!
by mxrider108 October 16, 2018
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A slang term used by some online FPS gamers. "Chamming" (n. "chammer") refers to using a hack to change the color of the opposing players/teams' characters (ex. solid bright orange), making them much easier to spot at a distance or in dark surroundings.-Sometimes these hacks even allow the characters to be viewed through walls. The origins of the term are unclear.
Joe - Every time I play Combat Arms someone fucking tells me I'm chamming!
by Ace10101 August 22, 2013
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To navigate your way through something in a very cool manner
Brooke: How are we going to get through this traffic?
Dana: just Cham-it through the back street
by danannelou July 6, 2019
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