After recieving a nip slip pic of jailbait a /b/tard simply responds: MOAR Pl0x!
by howdydudey August 04, 2009
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1. It's a way for losrs to act cool. A misspelling that is very unnecessary, and anyone who says it is gay.

2. A type of hot sex.

3. See "penguin"

4. Noobspeak
person #1: I answered teh surveys!!1!!!1 I like hot anime action! MOAR PLOX!

Person #2: I say MOAR instead of more so I can look cool. I really fail at it, though.

Person #3: Normal wasn't enough. I want MOAR!11!!
by blu akie February 28, 2008
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More than "more", but less than "alot"
Kid: Dude, I have moar pr0n then you!
Kid 2: Dude, jason has alot though!
by DJcoolJ January 26, 2009
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Something one says to an individual enthralled in harrisment.*
*the definition of harrisment can be found on this site.
Origin: mid-urban south-eastern scandinavian
When Viktor, while playing cs, ran into the terrorist base holding a grenade and then proceeded to throw it at a wall directly in front of him, Josh yelled, "Moar?"
by James January 28, 2005
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