A common refrain in the seedier sectors of the 'net, MOAR (always capitalized, often used with pictures of rioting Koreans) is a cry of lust intended to elicit more of whatever stimulated the lust.
Pictures of a threesome between Mask De Smith, Harman Smith, and Arlen Spector?

by The Six-Four April 13, 2006
An internet fad of a fucked up looking Mr. Krabs saying a "MOAR" in the spongebob squarepants episode "Jellyfish Hunter" .
by werewolf54 February 20, 2010
After recieving a nip slip pic of jailbait a /b/tard simply responds: MOAR Pl0x!
by howdydudey August 4, 2009
More than "more", but less than "alot"
Kid: Dude, I have moar pr0n then you!
Kid 2: Dude, jason has alot though!
by DJcoolJ January 27, 2009
A popular variant spelling of lurk more. It is an expression used when someone demonstrates their ignorance of the customs and social expectations of an online community, or otherwise makes an idiot of themselves online. Its use indicates that the person so instructed should gain familiarity with the community before posting further.
annoying_n00b: LOL @ my genius! I am the greatest! Surely everyone loves me by now.
everyone else: LURK MOAR
by zuffix August 12, 2007
To add more boosters to a rocket, for Science!

Do not forget to add struts
by NEOGRANZON July 17, 2016
1: Also known as Morbid Krabs, this is a clip in the show Spongebob Squarepants where Mr. Krabs looks extremely old and ugly. It has developed into a full-blown meme so much that they made a sprite for Moar Krabs on M.U.G.E.N.

2: some sick crap that makes bullshit sense but is even funnier backwards
Moar Krabs/Mr. Krabs/Krabs: What don't you understand about the phrase: MOAR!!!

RAOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nyek nish pah sahome.
by Mr. Killzo September 16, 2009