maternity juggs: 1.Large breast women have during pregnancy.
2.A woman who has large jiggly breast.
Wow! Checkout that woman over there she has some huge MJ's.
by just_had_to October 25, 2007
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Man Jamming Steady

A good worker who has found the tao of their craft, whatever it may be, giving them the ability to make complex and intricate tasks appear effortless by performing them with sheer precision and absolute accuracy, every time.

An MJS who has mastered their craft then transcends to a pedagogical role, elevating those in their presence with empowerment through shared knowledge and support, specifically characterized by a distinct absence of threats, criticism, or any other forms of discouragement.
"This project is doomed! How are we ever going to meet the deadline and stay under budget? It looks impossible!"

"Cancel the meetings, relax, and let the MJS work his magic- this whole thing will be straight by morning."


"How is this student able to accomplish so much with so few resources?"

"She apprenticed under an MJS and learned the path to enlightenment. Now her actions are an extension of herself and her work is fully harmonized with her surroundings."
by Mike DeBest January 26, 2013
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