Sarah been messing with Jodi, knowing that ion like her, she’s too mixy
by realslangyuhurd September 11, 2022
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(adj.) associated with negativity; seen as untrustworthy, nosy, worrisome, and/or consistently pressed
"I don't hang with Josie no more, she been real mixy lately."

"I wouldn't have come to this function if I knew all these mixy hoes would be here."
by MonteQarlo January 24, 2018
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a word like cool. A mixture of someone being both mint and sexy.
Oh look Gina is mixy
by Willies May 1, 2005
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Someone who knows everyone; can have negative connotations
"Yo you fuck with Jessica now?"
"Nah, I did, but she's too mixy"
by joviexo June 28, 2017
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a female that always just wants to be in the mix of things
Everybody’s knows her, she’s a mixie”
by the bronxer December 27, 2021
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(N, Adj) The act of getting in the mix or mixing it up with others socially.
"Let's get Mixy"--as in let's mix it up with others in a social environment
"There's good Mix"--There is good social interaction in the immediate surrounding environment
"He/She has good Mix"--the person described has good chat/banter when interacting in a social environment
by mixer999 September 24, 2012
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A Japanese SNS website. Sorta like a Japanese version of myspace or facebook. One can only become a user via invitation from another mixi user.

It has been a problem where certain jocks will post about how bad they were, such as stealing motorcycles, which will then attract hundreds of angry users and start up a flame war. This will eventually lead to the exposure of the user, giving out his real name and his past crime to his school/employer, which is equal to a death sentence in Japan.
Dude, could you invite me to mixi?
by oldman February 18, 2008
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