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Contrary to the popular belief that it is the opposite of tsundere, it describes an anime character who is either psychotic or violent or both, and shows affection to the main character. Became a popular moe genre after the airing of the last episode of School Days. Other yandere characters include Ryuuguu Rena from Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni series.
I wish there was a yandere girl who would love me so much she'll want to cleave my head with a hachet.
by oldman February 18, 2008
The most overrated anime in the history of mankind.
It's a conspiracy! Kyoto Animation and Kadokawa Publishing Co. are manipulating the market and the fan society via 2ch and niconico douga so that Lucky Star will gain the most popularity!
by oldman February 18, 2008
Usually the name of a boy who is very loving a caring simply because of the fact that they may have been hurt very badly at one point in their life. A Dominic is always shy at first when meeting a new person but with time they usually will show lots of emotion to their friends being funny on the spot or getting deep into thinking. In relationships a Dominic will be smart enough to be annoying to To other show how much love they have towards their other girls are lucky to have one in their life. And as a last note they do not take bull shit for an answer.
Person 1: that kid over their looks very shy

Person 2: his name must be Dominic Lee Gonzalez.
by oldman July 3, 2018
An emoticon originated in Japan, actually, which symbolizes a man on his knees in despair or disappointment. The capitalized version of orz.

Some Koreans say it originated from their country, but we all know how much they like to claim origin on pretty much everything on the planet, including the human race itself.
Korean: OTL originated in Korea -nida!
Japanese: wtf!? Where did that crazy idea come from?
by oldman February 18, 2008
A Japanese SNS website. Sorta like a Japanese version of myspace or facebook. One can only become a user via invitation from another mixi user.

It has been a problem where certain jocks will post about how bad they were, such as stealing motorcycles, which will then attract hundreds of angry users and start up a flame war. This will eventually lead to the exposure of the user, giving out his real name and his past crime to his school/employer, which is equal to a death sentence in Japan.
Dude, could you invite me to mixi?
by oldman February 18, 2008