<Adjective> To be bothersome or otherwise annoying or obnoxious
1. That bugaboo is sooo worrisome!
2. She never shuts up. She is so worrisome.
3. That worrisome boy has no manners. He's always begging for stuff and being rude.
by nessumar_eoj December 31, 2008
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When you have emerged, anxious; stressed. An are unaware of the future.
I’m very worrisome things will become harder than ever before.
by Titus dyfilid February 21, 2019
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The three days before and the three days after your female companion, either former or present, is supposed to start her period. It is referred to as worrisome because during this time period, if she does not begin her period, then she is pregnant with your unwanted child and you are now screwed.
Jim: "Jill is suppose to start her period in three days."

Fred: "ahhh. The beginning of the worrisome week!"
by 4pm February 10, 2011
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