Clinton-speak. A euphemism used when you have lied and get caught out.

Derived from usage by ex President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary, who have both been caught out lying.
1. Reporter: "Mrs Clinton, in order to look tough and courageous, you claimed you entered Bosnia under sniper fire, but there is film of you stepping off a plane and being greeted by a welcoming party - no gunfire anywhere."

Hillary: "I admit I may have misspoke."

2. Bill: "I did not have sex with that woman!"

Monica Lewinsky: "I gave the President blow-jobs in the Oval Office, and he stuck cigars up my vagina and masterbated me with them."

Bill: "It wasn't sex, but I admit I did a little Miss poke."

Reporter: "And what about Jennifer Flowers?"

Bill: "Well, I thought her cunt was vase so I stuck my stalk into it. That wasn't sex - it was just ikebana."
by Wrong-side-of-the-tracks August 8, 2008
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To tell a blatant lie. Coined by Hillary Clinton - Hillary Clinton has insisted that she simply "misspoke" when she claimed she landed in Bosnia under sniper fire 12 years ago. However, Mrs Clinton says she simply made a mistake due to sleep deprivation, which "proves I'm human".
Wife : You motherfucker !! How dare you call my mother a ugly money grabbing back stabbing bad tempered fat old whore ??

Husband : I'm sorry my darling. I simply misspoke.
by JamesC1976 March 26, 2008
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When a Democrat, especially a Clinton, tells the opposite of the truth. Not to be confused with "Lie", a word reserved for Republicans who speak using documentation.
Hillary Clinton misspoke about her recollection of her trip tp Bosnia. George Bush had CIA documentation of WMDs in Iraq, therefore, he lied.
by rickrocker April 28, 2008
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When I said that I landed under sniper fire,I misspoke.
by creed9 February 11, 2010
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to say that you "misspoke" something, to get off easy for saying something stupid, false, or offensive.
example of how to play the misspoke card.
"edited for dramatic effect"
Sarah Palin:North Korea is our ally.
Glenn Beck:South Korea...

Palin later on:I misspoke.
by kirbyman1 November 26, 2010
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