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Noun, plural. Colloquial term for the labia i.e. the lips of the vagina.
Loretta walks around in a too-short skirt and a too-small thong so that all the guys can see her skanky bitch lips hanging out.
by Wrong-side-of-the-tracks July 15, 2008
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Clinton-speak. A euphemism used when you have lied and get caught out.

Derived from usage by ex President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary, who have both been caught out lying.
1. Reporter: "Mrs Clinton, in order to look tough and courageous, you claimed you entered Bosnia under sniper fire, but there is film of you stepping off a plane and being greeted by a welcoming party - no gunfire anywhere."

Hillary: "I admit I may have misspoke."

2. Bill: "I did not have sex with that woman!"

Monica Lewinsky: "I gave the President blow-jobs in the Oval Office, and he stuck cigars up my vagina and masterbated me with them."

Bill: "It wasn't sex, but I admit I did a little Miss poke."

Reporter: "And what about Jennifer Flowers?"

Bill: "Well, I thought her cunt was vase so I stuck my stalk into it. That wasn't sex - it was just ikebana."
by Wrong-side-of-the-tracks August 08, 2008
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Actor, born 1 March 1935, as Conrad Robert Falk.

Famed for having the sexiest butt ever on film.

Best know for his role as James West in the 1965-1969 TV series The Wild Wild West, in which he played a "James Bond on horseback" character.

Conrad is a gay icon due to the James West character's costume of extraordinarily tight matador-style pant and bollero jacket, cut high on the waste to fully reveal the fine, tightly clad ass.

In most episodes Conrad's shirt inevitably came off, and there were often scenes involving the half-naked hunk being bound and gagged, or he himself dishing out punishment to the bad guys.

The show ran four seasons but become un-PC due to excessive violence. Nevertheless, many a gay boy of the time, or who has seen re-runs or the DVD, has credited lust for Conrad as his first indication that he was gay.

The shows producer, Michael Garrison, was gay, and although at the time the homoeroticism may have seemed subliminal, in today's less naive world it is blatantly obvious.

Father of eight Conrad is not known to have been gay, but was well aware of the effect of the tight pants.

He is quoted as saying "That character was light years away from me. I'm not debonair. I'm not suave. I did wear tight pants, though, because I found out it worked...we merchanised conditioning and sex. It's so much sexier to be subtle, to maybe have tight pants and take your shirt off.
Robert Conrad ... he strode the finest buttocks in the West!
by Wrong-side-of-the-tracks July 21, 2008
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