no idea. my little cousin said it and i wanna know
“i got miped last night, party buses are a trap
by jackenthal February 04, 2018
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the art of wanking or fingering using a baseball mit (any size or colour)
i used to love my boyfriend then i found out he loves to mipe
by jackass April 17, 2004
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The past tense of receiving an mip.

Getting caught and charged with possession of alcohol.
Zach and Will got MIPed over spring break.

Dude, if you go to that party you’re going to get miped.
by T1923 November 03, 2019
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Media Induced Panicking as seen during the mass hysteria of the 2020 Covid19 global pandemic, where the Brits stocked up on toilet paper, the Dutch stocked up on cannabis, the US stocked up on guns & ammo, and the world economy crashed into a recession.
Bob: Professor Broseph, do you remember 2020?

Professor Broseph Economy: Indeed, we experienced a catastrophic global economy crash due to miping. I went into negative equity thanks to it! I also couldn't wipe my arse because there was no toilet paper.

Adrianus: Ja, but I was high all the time
by CoronaVirusBoi March 16, 2020
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