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The act of mingling in a crowd, but in an undesirable fashion. Acting much like a human dingleberry whereas the mingleberry attaches oneself to a group of people against there wishes. Removal of the social nugget and be akward and sometimes painful. Accessories may include a Blackberry.
Person 1: I wish this asshat would go away.

Person 2: Yeah me too, what a mingleberry.
by Robtarded June 11, 2009
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Someone that try to involve them self in a conversation with people they don't know. They clump to your group bringing up old sh*t.
"Steve is such an mingleberry; doesn't he have any other friends to bug."
by Sparkle Barf February 27, 2015
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(noun).A person who clings to you at a party or other event where one likes to mingle preventing you from full attention of the opposite sex.
(verb).the act of clinging to someone's ass so close as to interfere with their ability to mingle unencumbered.
(noun):"there's some real good looking skank here tonight bro, but my girlfriend won't stop being a "mingleberry".

(noun):"yo, I invited you to this bar to show you where some action is, but yo gots to stop being a "mingleberry" and go find your own bitches".

(verb):"Look Sheila, If you can't keep your paws off all the dudes tonight I will "mingleberry" your ass so quick........
by theBARKBARK August 14, 2010
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Unwanted people who cling on to you at parties or networking events, refusing to take hints that you want to talk to someone else (or be alone).
Sorry -- I saw you come into the bar over twenty minutes ago, but I couldn't get over to say hi until I had shaken off a couple mingleberries.
by SpartanCity March 23, 2011
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