This is a Glasgow slang word, for stinkin, terrible etc

"The house was mingin" meaning it was dirty, smelly, the kind with sticky carpets!!
the garbage bin has not been emptied for weeks--mingin
Evolved to mean anything rotten, she was mingin.... stinkin
by Alex August 23, 2003
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Don't go out with her, she's mingin'.

Yuck, your jacket is mingin'
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Something that is not nice or not liked due to its features.
"This food is mingin'."
by notaminger! August 17, 2005
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Does this word really need defining? If you don't no what it means then read the following:

1. Something that is mingin' is grosse and manky.
2. Someone who is mingin' is a minger and is ugly or a minger is somebody who has done something mingin'.

mingin' is the cool way of saying minging.
Eating black sausage, liver or kidney in a meal is totally mingin'!
by EJW August 11, 2006
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a hainasly ugle feamale, also refered to as a minga
man, slaters girlfreinds such a minga.
or nah dude, shes mingin
by chuck April 2, 2003
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blind, pissed, smashed, rotten, off your tits, stoned (old sense), stonkered
he was sae mingin' he didnae care hoo mingin' she wus (both definitions)
by jock69 October 8, 2003
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